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50 Gallons Heavy Duty

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This is a standard size 20-gallon water heater suitable for 7 – 8 persons and often found in homes. If you feel a shortage of hot water with this 20-gallon geyser, replacing it with the 30-gallon or a bigger water heater in Karachi is recommended. Also, determine the need and requirement of hot water in peak hot water usage and compare it with the first-hour rating of a gas water heater.

We will also make it your color of choice. Please get in touch with us to discuss this.


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Inner Tank: Made of extra heavy gauge anti-rust G.I sheet metal to hold the maximum inside water pressure.

Insulation: Imported genuine glass wool is used to maintain the desired temperature that controls the lighting up of the burner frequently and saves Gas consumption

Outer Body Shell: Made of requisite standard gauge M.S. Sheet shaped into the reinforced circumference.

Flow Pipe & Delivery Pipes: Used high-quality G.I.pipes, with baffle plate, fabricated of heavy gauge Anti-rust.

Burner: Made of cast iron, drilled ports, and accessible detach to facilitate “do if yourself* service,

Paint: Bare sheet metal treated with special anti-rust-baked primer-heavy coated stoved enamel with high glass automotive shine.

Thermostat: The thermostat used in our geysers is manufactured by UNITROL, a reputable company in the USA, and the manufacturing process Is carried out in China. Also available in Robertshaw (USA) and Tesla (Pakistan). The Thermostat is superb in quality and functionality at the optimum level with one year warranty.

Colors: Colors are available on demand.

Technical Specifications


Model Type Inner Tank Outer Body Body Diameter Height Gas Connection Gas Consumption
UG 50 H Heavy Duty 10 SWG | G.1.Sheet 22 SWG | M.S.Sheet Painted 51 cm 172 cm 1.27 cm / 2.54 cm 20 cu.ft/hour

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